Brand Policy

COSONCO QS is a product that was born from the combination of offcuts from manufacturing processes. Thus, two of the same product do not exist in this world. The color of the leather and the expression of the wood change according to the unique production timing and state at that time. By starting with the offcuts in front of us and incorporating them into the product in order, we were able to create countless individualities and values. Please experience a fateful encounter with such an art object that is the only one of its kind in the world.

【COSONCO QS】は、製造過程における端材の組み合わせから生まれた製品です。そのため、この世に2つと同じものは存在しません。革の色も木の表情も、その時々の製造のタイミングと状況で変わっていきます。目の前にある端材から順番に製品に取り入れることで、無数の個性と価値を創ることができました。そんな世界でたったひとつのアートオブジェに出会えるような巡り合わせを、是非体験してみてください。

“The only art object”
of its kind in the world