"COSONCO QS" will be on sale on this site from October 21, 2022

New brand "COSONCO QS" by CondeHouse and SOMÈS SADDLE

CondeHouse, which manufactures and sells wooden furniture in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, and SOMÈS SADDLE, which manufactures and sells harnesses and leather products in Sunagawa, Hokkaido. Both companies, which are based in the Ishikari River basin that flows through the vast land of Hokkaido, continue to refine their wood and leather processing techniques while maintaining their history of pioneering and manufacturing, and provide lifestyle products that make the most of natural materials. This time, the new brand “COSONCO QS” by both companies will be on sale on the EC site from October 21, 2022.

"COSONCO QS" is a product born from combining offcuts in the manufacturing process. Therefore, no two things are the same in this world. The color of the leather and the expression of the wood will change depending on the timing and circumstances of each production. We were able to create a myriad of individuality and value by incorporating the remnants in front of us into our products in order.

Please experience the chance to meet only one art object in such a world.


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