Paper Weight - A / B / C
Paper Weight - A / B / C

Paper Weight - A / B / C

A W85×D100×H150 / B W150×D95×H80 / C W95×D90×H60
A paperweight carved from a block of wood, fashioned into a three-point perspective hexahedron. While it is a three-dimensional object, it appears flat from the front and creates a fascinating illusion as it stands at precise angles when viewed from different perspectives. Crafting precise angles is exceedingly challenging with wood and leather. The parts created by each artisan come together to form the finished product. Despite its simple shape, it undergoes the most intricately demanding processing, highlighting the high level of craftsmanship required.

*It is scheduled to be released next spring

A W85×D100×H150 / B W150×D95×H80 / C W95×D90×H60


cowhide, wood (ash/oak)





Regarding the Serial Number

All Koson Kokusu products are marked with a serial number (unique production number). This allows for production control of each product and to manage information associated with said serial number after the product is sold as a unique art piece manufactured from natural materials.

Quality Assurance

Warranty Coverage: Koson Kokusu products
Warranty Period: 1 year after purchase
Warranty Conditions: If the product is damaged or malfunctions under normal use according to the user manual instructions or on the label attached to the product, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
The warranty will not apply in the following cases, even if still under the warranty period
1. Damage or malfunction attributed to the customer's fault, such as through transportation, dropping, etc.
2. Damage or defects caused by extreme dryness, humidity, chemical fumes, pollution, or other special environmental circumstances.
3. Wear, mold, deterioration, discoloration, etc as a result of aging

Handling Precautions

There may cases of slight deviations from the indicated sizes due to curved parts or slight individual differences. Please understand this in advance.


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