Origin of the Emblem

Origin of the Emblem

"A tool to strike (hammer)" is an indispensable tool in the production of both wooden furniture and leather products. Conde House, a wood furniture manufacturer in Asahikawa, and SOMÈS SADDLE, a harness and leather products manufacturer in Sunagawa. Although the main materials used by both companies differ, they both hold the same feeling to continue making excellent products. Every day, the echoing sound of wood and leather being struck displays an earnest pursuit of craftsmanship.

"Koson Kokusu" in the Ainu language means "communication in a distant land," and even with Ashikawa and Sunagawa being 100 km apart, they can hear each other's sound and create new products.

Depicted on the emblem is "a tool to strike (hammer)," which is engraved on all products and is a sign of mutual territory crossing, recognition, and proof of communication. 


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