A New Price to Enrich the Lives of the People

A New Price to Enrich the Lives of the People

Televisions and air purifiers - these devices are indispensable to a modern living space and have continued to evolve in functionality and comfort thanks to the various technological rivalries up to now. Both are quite convenient, but on the other hand, do they really enrich our daily lives and our hearts? Hitoshi Kuramoto, designer of Koson Kokusu questions this.

"It may be that we have quietly lost something important from the landscape of our everyday life."

Previously, hanging scrolls and vases were displayed in the alcove of a standard Japanese home. That thing which has no functionality, it may have filled something in the hearts of people just by being there.

Once more, we should invite a blank canvas into our living spaces. And then, we should consider placing a one of a kind artistic object that retains the beauty of naturally occurring materials as well as the traces of its creator there.


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